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This started as a joke and ended up a portfolio piece. The original thought behind this was a late-night doodle and the vague idea that I'd like to try distilling one day. Thus, Wild Rabbit Fightin' Whiskey was born.

The whole point of this piece was to create a professional-looking label for a low-quality whiskey with a bit of a rough history, but also add a little humor to it. The crazed rabbit with a switchblade, the references to a troubled mob-run past, even the distillery name - all are designed to amuse and slightly confuse.

This project was a lot of fun, and I've already planned out other labels to make in my spare time. Keep an eye out for Stool Pigeon Sippin' Gin, Dirty Rat Sailor's Rum, Crazy Fox Burnin' Vodka, and Lil' Devil Blackout Tequila  in the future!

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