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After creating "Redworld" for my Master's Degree project, I decided to tackle another adventure game - this one with a darker storyline, deeper art assets, and a much larger scope of story and gameplay. The result is Braincase, a neo-noir mystery set in the not-too-far future.


The world is bleak and ravaged by war and disease, and the planet's resources are quickly drying up. Androids have quickly become a cheap replacement for human labor, leading to social unrest among the so-called "lower classes." But that doesn't bother Cole Burns, private detective - he's been hired to retrieve a prototype android for a client, and that's exactly what he plans on doing.

These pieces are mostly conceptual tools for the game itself. Building a game by yourself is a slow process; coding is not a forgiving medium. Still, once the game is finished, updates will be posted here.

Mixed Media, Adventure Game Studio, 2016 - 2018

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